The Power of Your Story

A lack of identity can be one of the most devastating of human conditions. One of the most powerful ways to find and preserve a sense of identity is by finding and documenting our stories and our ancestors’ stories. An excellent way to do this is to reach out to the custodians of your story:… Read more »

When Parents Curse

In 2008, I worked in Nigeria briefly, with an organization focused on the sexual health of children and youth. I was giving a talk on self-esteem when a girl, no older than nine or ten, raised her hand.  “Excuse me, ma,” she said. “If my mother tells me to follow man, and I refuse, and… Read more »

The True Size of Africa

Have you ever wondered how big Africa is or, why there’s such a fuss about referring to Africa as a country? Would you like to educate someone, an adult, or a child about the size of the African continent? Take a look at this map by Kai Krause and see all the nations that easily… Read more »


I remember when I first started to feel inadequate. I remember that day so well. We were standing in our favorite place, in front of the bathroom mirror. In my mind’s eye, I can still see six-year-old me seated crossed-legged on a step-stool, with Mommy’s oversized pink terry robe wrapped around my little body. Oh!… Read more »


One summer day in 2015, I decided to take a train ride to downtown Calgary. The train was almost empty, it always used to be so full, that finding a seat after a hard day’s work was almost impossible. Downtown Calgary was the heartbeat of the city. It used to be infused with the energy… Read more »


I‘ve had a lot of conversations with people who do not imagine that their goals and desires are attainable. People, who for lack of a better word, have given up, because they just don’t see hope or success for themselves anymore. After having these types of discussions over and over again, I noticed a commonality…. Read more »

Seven affirmations to remind you that you are enough

Have you ever heard of  imposter syndrome? It’s a psychological phenomenon which makes those who experience it feel like frauds, incompetents, and as if they are not enough no matter how accomplished and experienced they are.  Imposter syndrome may be more prevalent in women than in men. In the United Kingdom, for instance, men were… Read more »