About Petra

Petra Okeke-Bestman grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, in a family of storytellers. Every night when she was little, her father told her folktales from his childhood, a tradition handed down from his parents and their parents before them. Spellbound, Petra listened to stories about wise women and warriors, princesses and villains, and couldn’t wait to become herself a storyteller. Petra wrote her first short story when she was six and now writes fiction for adults and children.With a Master’s degree in social work, Petra worked with immigrant families and low-income single parents for many years. That experience made her decide to write stories that challenge detrimental socio-cultural beliefs and practices, stories that encourage reflection.

In her spare time, you’ll either find Petra filling her kitchen with beautiful and uplifting aromas as she mixes and samples culinary spices and herbs from all over the world, or capturing images of random places and things from her perspective.